Today in the city Needles 25.04.2018
Gallup: Tax Cut Not Moving the November Needle

A Gallup poll shows a very mixed reaction by Americans to the GOP tax cut, creating another November problem for the establishment wing of the GOP.

San Francisco to Hire Needle Cleanup Team

The mayor of San Francisco says he's hiring 10 workers whose sole responsibility will be to clean up needles littering the streets.

Amy Adams Is on Pins and Needles in the Teaser Trailer for HBO’s Sharp Objects Miniseries

HBO released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming adaptation of Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn’s debut novel from 2006, and it looks like a heartwarming tale about family, homecoming, and who am...

Vancouver Housing Offers Free Needles For kids

{{file|t=9PiUR_1524196207}} Tax Payer funded subsidized housing Atira in Vancouver , Has Free needles,condoms and other drug paraphernalia accessible to vulnerable children {{poll|t=9uWzT_1524196336}}

Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Neck Tattoo

We first started noticing them on Instagram, then Kanye West announced his plans to get one on Twitter, and now we're sure they're about to become a full-fledged trend: Even if the mere thought of bri...

In 'Through the Eye of a Needle,' a lost daughter and a family coming to grips

“Through the Eye of a Needle,” Jami Brandli’s new play at the Road on Lankershim, is not perfect by any means. “Needle” contains overly familiar tropes and characters who flirt with stereotype. Despit...

Kentucky school wins $150K for device that picks up needles

A Kentucky middle school has won a nationwide competition for creating a device that can safely pick up used needles and other drug paraphernalia.

Homeless residents brag about makeshift 'mansion' near Seattle's famed Space Needle

Residents of the mega tent "mansion" homeless encampment near Seattle's famed Space Needle are bragging about the practicality of their new digs, taunting local politicians: "If you can live on the st...

Watch a genius hack for threading a needle that's easy enough for anyone to try at home

Twitter user John Bick shared a video to show an easy hack for threading a needle. The hack involves rubbing the needle back and forth on the thread until a loop is formed. Although some users say it...

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